Our practice offers a variety of dermatologic services and world lessons


We place particular emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Molly and Dr. Wolfe both focus on finding skin cancers at the earliest possible stage allowing the best possible outcomes. Once diagnosed, they provide the best treatment options ranging from topically applied prescription medications, destructive techniques, excision, radiation, and use of multiple colleagues with tremendous expertise in treating more complicated skin cancers. Likewise, they are adept at not over treating and knowing when monitoring without ANY intervention is appropriate.

In combination with Lake Norman Regional Medical Center's pathology department Dr. Wolfe offers frozen section analysis for skin cancer removal in delicate areas requiring reconstructive surgery. By doing these procedures in the office, Dr. Wolfe saves you a trip to the hospital or surgery center reducing both risk and cost.

A key focus of our office is to provide the most comfortable techniques possible. Every member of our clinical team goes out of their way to assist Dr. Wolfe and Molly in this endeavor. You are patients, and our staff, are the real stars of our team. Our front office team also will do everything possible to make your experience the best—from scheduling to check out. Similarly, as part of Piedmont HealthCare we have the best administration and support staff.