ART in our office

The art, photography, collectibles, and crafts on display in the office are from throughout the world. Currently, the office emphasizes the people of Southeast Asia. The single most important piece at the office is a poster provided by Kim Phuc (who was known as the girl in the photo). Kim was burned by Napalm during the Vietnam War (Trang Bang, Vietnam, 1972). Her poster shows her running away from the bomb that burned her. She is naked because the napalm literally burned the clothes off of her. A photo of her holding her beautiful baby is superimposed upon that original photo, and her words about love and peace are written on it. Find out how this beautiful child and woman will teach YOU about forgiveness. Likewise, an equally compelling photo is in the waiting room. Dr. Wolfe and Bou Meng are sitting next to one another. Find out how Bou's wife was killed and how he was tortured and imprisoned under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970's. Find out why he is one of only 7 people to have survived out of 16,000 from S-21 prison. And most importantly, find out the lessons he taught Dr. Wolfe. I encourage you do an internet search about Kim Phuc and Bou Meng and Chanrithy Him or find out more at

The art and crafts from throughout the world and on display at our office represent all of the amazing people of the world. In them is love and skill. But more, is the idea that we are all equal. All children of God. There are lessons in these pieces and the photos. Lessons about how people who have been through more than you or I will teach US. Lessons about how when you want to learn about other people they will equally want to learn about you. And lessons about how you can make a difference just by wanting to connect with someone.

Our technical skills and medical knowledge are important. But our ability to interact as fellow humans is what overrides our care for you. It is through my medical practice that I have been blessed and given the opportunity to travel. Likewise, those blessings from abroad directly impact my ability to provide care back. Giving you not just the best medical care, but the ability to be brothers and sisters. When you come to my office, I will not only provide care, I will share love and hopefully make you smile.

With thanks to the Lord for the gifts that we have all been given.

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